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Safety Rep Safety Committee Member Refresher

  • "I thought the course was excellent. Having the corresponding slides at home was of huge benefit to right notes and jot down ideas and thoughts as we went through the course."
  • "Splitting into the smaller groups for the assignments was very helpful to get ideas and help from others" M.T. 25/5/20
  • "Overall I would rate the course as excellent. We are good at implementing Covid 19 regulations . We now need to bring it to the next level so we keep Covid away from our workplace." G.M 25/5/20
  • Course rating: Excellent. " I liked that I received additional clarity and information about Covid 19 " E.E. 25/5/19
  • Course rating: Excellent. "Zoom worked great . This type of remote training makes it more accessible for those who don't live in Galway. " O.D 25/5/20
  • Course rating: Excellent. " Really all of the course was beneficial in particular the parts relating to Covid. I think it worked well as an on-line course " D.A 25/5/20
  • Course rating: Excellent. "I found the overall explanation of the Covid 19 workplace requirements and checklists and how they fit into the workplace safety structure very beneficial " J.U. 25/5/20
  • Course rating : Excellent. "I really enjoyed the course. Mary was an excellent trainer with great knowledge and broad experience giving me confidence. " J.C 25/5/20

Best Postures for Home Working

  • Valuable understanding regarding posture of back and cervical spine Sullivan 7/4/20
  • A very good course. I now know the things I can do to keep a good posture L.R 30/3/20
  • An excellent course. The speed was just right. I thought it had everything I needed currently. N.C 30/3/20
  • An excellent course. The 20-20 rule is very helpful and easy to implement into a work day. R.G. 30/3/20

IOSH Managing Safely "I wasn’t sure what to expect when using zoom for training however I think it worked really well. The use of breakout rooms allowed for collaboration similar to classroom style. Regular breaks were welcomed. Whilst classroom learning would be preferred option, I would happily recommend this training style to colleagues and would attend similar training in the future." D.C 29/4/20

IOSH Managing Safely "I would like to thank you very much for delivering this excellent training. Even though there was a wide variety of professions on the course, I felt that I received exactly what I needed for my workplace. You managed the online training very well and I found it very interactive." M.K 29/4/20

IOSH Managing Safely "The course was completed on-line via Zoom. I felt the quality of the delivery and engagement with the other trainees was excellent. I particularly liked the use of the breafout rooms for group work. I felt the course was possibly enhanced through necessity to deliver on-line." L O’B 29/4/20

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher "Very informative, good interaction between participants, ability to all share knowledge from various industries"
O.H. 13/10/22

"Trainer was excellent, delivered the course well, very knowledgeable. If didn't know something went and found the information and sent it on"
C.H. 13/10/22

Health and Safety Representation OHSS "The course is interesting , informative and very helpful with learning about safety in the workplace" Padraig Mannion 19/4/19

Health and Safety Representation OHSS "This course has given me a clear outline to H&S in the workplace. I go away feeling very confident I can bring positive change to my organisation" Sinead Barrett 19/4/19

QQI 5N1451 Safety Rep training "Excellent Trainer/Facilitator . Concise. Professional. Goal Driven". IAA 21/8/18

Manual Handling Instruction "Mary and Ann had fantastic knowledge, experience and enthusiasm for the subject and made the process straightforward and fun. Would highly recommend this course to anyone who will be delivering Manual Handling instruction or doing risk assessments." Peter McDonnell, Caragh Precision 3/5/18

Manual Handling Instruction "Mary is an excellent trainer who is interested in the subject and has a great way of holding interest and motivation in the group. The course is a good mix of theory and practical learning methods." U.J. 3/5/18

Manual Handling Instruction "Very clear and concisely presented with excellent practicality in the applications in the workplace." Marie, Wood Group. 25/4/17

Manual Handling Instruction "If you have to manually lift in your job then you will benefit both at work and at home by doing it" Y.D. 25/4/17

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation "Very relevant course, Well delivered. It will definitely help me become a more confident Safety Representative" - Muriel Voisin , NUIG. Maay 2017

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation Excellent course content and delivery - D Doyle 22/4/16

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation Very educational, great advice - Pat Greene 22/4/16

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation I was extremely happy with the course. It gave me the knowledge necessary to fulfill my role as Safety Rep and Mary was great at explaining and imparting knowledge - Gillian 22/4/16

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation Found the course excellent. Mary and Ann were wonderful. Really learnt a lot. - Padraic Nee 22/4/16

QQI 5N1451 Health and Safety Representation The course was effectively communicated. Class numbers were appropriate. The class teaching was at a level that suited me. Ann Marie 22/4/16

Manual Handling Instructor "I enjoyed the course very much. I liked the fact that we could learn in a non-threatening environment, as Philip and Ann said before the first presentation that we were among friends, positive statements helped my confidence during the course."
Mark Donnelly 8/5/15

Manual Handling Instructor "I really enjoyed the course. I wasn't overwhelmed with all the information. Mary is a very skilled and engaging communicator. One of my objectives was to flesh out my understanding of anatomy and the course did that for me."
F.L. 8/5/15

DSE Risk Accessor "Engaging and interesting course. Nice small class size. Trainer open to questions and wishing to elaborate / explain concepts in more detail if needed."
K.D. 19th March 2015

"I would highly recommend this course, it only takes one day and you will leave it feeling confident to carry out assessor tasks required"
Ciaran McCabe ICS Medical Devices 9/11/22

"Excellent training"
Michal Chodola , Cambus Medical, 9/11/22

"I found this course offered substantial learning for students of all abilities. By the end of the course even beginner ergonomic assessors were competent and confident to put the theory into practice" O.C 9/11/22
O.C 9/11/22

"It is very professional services . Great way to learn new information"
A.M. 9/11/22

Manual Handling Instruction "I recommend doing this course in this format - 1 day per week. It gives an opportunity to process the information from one week to the next. Good mix of theory and exercise and assignments. Gave me a great opportunity to put together presentations and give them in a semi informal setting."
Olivia Fitzgerald

Manual Handling Instruction "I really enjoyed the course. It's been great."
Annmarie Fitzgerald

"We have been sending all our Frontline Managers on the IOSH Managing Safely course which is run by Occupational Health and Safety Services. The feedback has been excellent, in particular on the trainer' s delivery of the programme. All our employees have benefited hugely from completing this training and are implementing it in their daily jobs, giving safety top priority at all times"
Joan Walsh, EHS Manager, Transitions Optical

"The course content of the IOSH Managing Safely was excellently delivered. Mary Murphy, the tutor, made the course enjoyable and showed great experience and knowledge in every field of Health and Safety. Her above average interaction with learners helped enormously"
Adrian Maye, Safety Officer, Harrington Concrete

"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth., provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW

"Overall the Safety for Safety Representatives course was excellent , I couldn't fault it. The trainer Mary Murphy worked hard at keeping our attention at all times. Well structured with breaks etc."
Martina Hearns Human Resource Administrator, Bioniche Pharma Group

'Great course. Truly enjoyed it!'
N. M. 10th Oct 2016

'Easy to understand the content. Mary is very knowledgeable'
J.K. 10th Oct 2016

'Enjoyed small group size and level of interaction with other learners'
AMcN 10th Oct 2016

Course and content learned will be very useful going forward in my day to day work activities. Gained some excellent knowledge of roles of safety reps and info on legislation.
Michael Conway, LotusWorks 20/10/16

This is a very interesting course. I loved the way everybody took part in meetings and communicating in class.It is a very high standard but is explained very well.
Diane Mills 28/10/16

The course was well delivered and every topic was well covered. The tutors gave us a really good knowledge of H&S law and requirements.
Patrick Forde 28/10/16

Course content and presentation was excellent.
Joan - Finance Manager 28/10/16

Mary has exceptionally good training skills. I would never think Manual Handling Training could be delivered in such an interesting way. I would highly recommend this training.
Michal Chodola, Cambus Medical 06/04/2017

The course is of great value in developing your own skills to deliver your training to an even higher standard.
Phonsie McAteer , Marine Harvest Ireland 06/04/2017

The practical training elements, props, videos and exercises covered on this course will infuse enthusiasm and bring a new element of engagement at Manual Handling Inductions.
Mary O'Dea 06/04/2017

I really enjoyed the course and thought it was very insightful and productive; I will endeavour to impart all I have learned when initially training and then on a day-to-day capacity in the working environment. hank you very much, to Mary and Ann for making the course so enjoyable.
Fiona Nixon, Vincents- St Vincent dePaul. 13/3/17

"If you are interested in helping people create healthier environments and ways to live in their workplace I would highly recommend this course. The course will enable you to feel confident about helping other people"
Olive 7th June 2018

"It needs to be done if you are working in a DSE Workstation. It will save you lots of problems"
Alazne 7th June 2018

"Highly recommend, excellent tutor, interactive course and very informative"
V.O 7th June 2018


"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth., provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW