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  Manual Handling Instructor Training QQI Award 6N0233

"What is different about our course?
Mary Murphy, the tutor, is an Alexander Technique teacher and she brings to this programme her vast knowledge on how the back works, how it can get injured , how best to prevent injury and how to promote healing. Mary has trained hundreds of employees in Manual Handling over 20 years."

"The aim of the OHSS Manual Handling Instructors training programme is to make you the best Manual Handling Instructor you can be!" qqi logo Our means of assuring this is:

  1. To keep class sizes restricted to eight people per programme thereby ensuring that each learner's particular needs are met with care and commitment
  2. To employ tutors who are qualified to very high standards (holding BSc,M. Med Sc (Occ Health), BSc M.Ed and BSc H Dip degrees between them) to create a truly effective learning environment
  3. To give learners the benefit of over 20 years experience in Manual Handling instruction. Priced at a competitive fee of €695 per person, the OHSS Manual Handling Instructor's programme is arguably the best such programme in its field.

Learner Profile

Learners will be required to assume a variety of postures during the training and are therefore required to have good mobility and be free from injury or any impairment that might restrict joint movement. Good interpersonal skills are also required and it is important that learners embarking on this programme enjoy meeting and interacting with people. Learners should have access to the internet , an email account and a working knowledge of word processing software and powerpoint software.


Employers are required by law to provide manual handling training to employees whose work activities put them at risk of lower back injury. The purpose of this OHSS training programme is to enable the learner to effectively design, deliver and assess manual handling instruction in the workplace.

Key objectives are:

  1. To equip the learner with the skills necessary to identify poor handling habits and conditions
  2. To make the learner knowledgeable on how to motivate handlers to improve both their use of self and the organisation of their activity, when handling objects at work.
  3. To equip learners with the ability to revise the content of their instruction programme to reflect any new knowledge as it becomes available.
  4. To provide learners with a clear understanding of the employer's role in the safe management of manual handling in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

After completion of Day 1 you will:

  • Be able to explain the legislation related to manual handling
  • Be able to describe the components of the spine
  • Begin to understand the best postures to use when handling and related ergonomic principles

After completion of Day 2 you will:

  • Have a detailed understanding of the workings of the spine;
  • Understand how to assess the risk of manual handling tasks;
  • Have an understanding of postures used when handling and related ergonomic principles;
  • Be able to apply techniques for teaching groups
  • Have gained more experience of presenting elements of the manual handling training programme.

After completion of Day 3 you will:

  • Be able to identify unfavourable ergonomic conditions;
  • Be able to explain the manual handling risk assessment process;
  • Be able to describe a range of controls to avoid or reduce the risk of injury
  • Understand how to prepare detailed lesson plans;
  • Be able to outline the main risk factors for back injuries and how they occur;
  • Understand current concepts of good back care;
  • Understand what the organisation should do to support manual handling training;
  • Have gained further experience teaching a group and demonstrating handling activities.

After completion of Day 4 you will:

  • Be able to give effective instruction in practical manual handling techniques;
  • Have a clear understanding of how ergonomics principles are reflected in current legislation;
  • Be able to explain how organisations and management should respond to manual handling issues;
  • Know what appropriate materials and aids should be considered to support learning;
  • Be able to analyse a handler's manual handling performance;
  • Have completed a mock assessment and understand the marking scheme used;

After completion of Day 5 you will:

  • Be able to source up-to-date guidance from government sources and professional bodies;
  • Be able to evaluate the an integrated approach to the management of manual handling;
  • Be able to effectively deliver a half-day manual handling training programme.
  • Be equipped with a powerpoint presentation and learner workbook for use when presenting manual handling training
  • Have completed Assessment 2 and 3

How you will learn

The programme comprises 30 hours tutor directed training in a classroom situation over 5 days. Lectures followed by exercises and group discussions will enhance understanding and retention of new knowledge gained. Practical demonstrations and exercises followed group discussions will ensure competency in new skills acquired. Self-directed learning ( 70 hours approximately) will be required to be completed by the learner within the period of programme delivery. A detailed workbook will be used by the learner where exercises and summaries of topics are completed and recorded. Email support to learners between training dates will be provided by tutors. Learners will be able to contact tutors throughout the programme between training dates by phone and email.

As we said at the outset of this page "the aim of the OHSS Manual Handling Instructors training programme is to make you the best Manual Handling Instructor you can be!"


Assessment 1 : Project (20% of total) ( 50% pass mark)
Assessment 2 : Skills Demonstration (60% of total) ( 50% pass mark)
Assessment 3 : Written Examination (20% of total) ( 80% pass mark)


Pass 50% - 64%
Merit 65% - 79%
Distinction 80% - 100%

Appeals process

OHSS have an Appeals process in place as part of our quality assurance agreement.


Successful learners will receive QQI Level 6 Special Purpose Award 6S0242 Manual Handling Instruction


Mary Murphy MMedScOccHealth
Ann McCole BSc HDipEd
Philip Murphy BSc HDipEd Med

Upcoming Manual Handling Instructor Training course dates

QQI 6N0233 Manual Handling Instructor

Dates: 3rd, 4th, 11th, 16th and 18th October 2019
Times: 9.15am - 4.30pm
Venue: Westside Resource Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Galway H91 C1KX
Fee: €695
In-house training programmes from €3,550
Contact: MARY MURPHY 091-563207 or info@ohssireland.com


"I really enjoyed the course and thought it was very insightful and productive; I will endeavour to impart all I have learned when initially training and then on a day-to-day capacity in the working environment. Thank you very much, to Mary and Ann for making the course so enjoyable." Fiona Nixon, Vincents- St Vincent dePaul. 13/3/17
"This course met everything it said it would. I found it highly informative and engaging. Mary was excellent as a tutor. Many thanks Mary." Richard Hynes 15/10/18
"Mary and Ann really know what they are talking about, really knowledgeable and competent, hugely helpful." Mary Jo Marley 15/10/18,
"The course was very good and enjoyable" SMcD 15/10/18
"Friendly environment, everyone was given time to speak and their input was valued." AM 15/10/18


"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth, provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW