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"Excellent course, Mary provided great variety in the teaching method from theory to practical and putting it all into context! Thank you"
Smart Bay Ireland 18/6/19

"If you are interested in helping people create healthier environments and ways to live in their workplace I would highly recommend this course. The course will enable you to feel confident about helping other people"
Olive 7th June 2018

"It needs to be done if you are working in a DSE/VDU Workstation. It will save you lots of problems"
Alazne 7th June 2018

"Highly recommend, excellent tutor, interactive course and very informative"
V.O 7th June 2018

"Very beneficial, very well presented and great info and documents are provided"
JD 25/10/17

"Mary went beyond the base regulations and teaches in such a way that the learner feels inspired to help the employees during their risk assessment"
Jan 25/10/17

"Very satisfied with the course. Feel I have learned a lot regards good posture and now have a better understanding of all legal requirements associated with DSE/VDU. I also feel I will be a lot more confident carrying our DSE/VDU assessments for my company."
C Snype 28/10/15

"Engaging and interesting course. Nice small class size. Trainer open to questions and wishing to elaborate / explain concepts in more detail if needed."
K.D. 19th March 2015


This course has been designed to give learners the skills to carry out competent ergonomic assessments of display screen equipment (DSE/VDU) workstations. Learners will gain a thorough understanding of why ergonomic assessments are necessary, and the techniques to use. The course:

  • Contains relevant theoretical knowledge and associated skills
  • Follows a learner-centred approach in order to maximise understanding
  • Features group projects and exercises
  • Is backed up by resource material and direct input from the tutor
  • On-line training includes HOME WORKSTATION RISK ASSESSMENTS
  • On-line training includes follow-up support via email


The Aim of the course is to produce learners with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence to make a significant contribution to an organisation’s health and safety performance with respect to DSE and workstations.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, learners should be able to

  1. List and explain the main requirements of relevant legislation – including the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005, Safety Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007 Chapter 5 Part 2 Display Screen Equipment - as they relate to:
    • The definition of the DSE/VDU users and operators
    • What constitutes DSE/VDU and what comprises a DSE/VDU workstation
    • The minimum requirements for DSE/VDU workstations
    • The principles of risk assessments and how to apply them to a DSE/VDU workstation
    • The training and information needed for DSE/VDU users and operators
    • The need for eye and eyesight testing for DSE/VDU users and operators
    • The records needed for DSE/VDU workstations, users and operators
  2. Describe the possible harmful effects to the eyes, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and psychological wellbeing of people that may be caused by the use of DSE.
  3. Carry out risk assessments, identify techniques for reducing risk and make recommendations for corrective action to minimise harm that may be caused to DSE users and operators
  4. Demonstrate appropriate sitting postures and identify harmful postures and use
  5. Appreciate how DSE/VDU assessment is an integral part of overall health and safety management in an organisation.
  6. Carry out a Home DSE/VDU Workstation Risk Assessment remotely.

How you will learn

The course will maximize your understanding of assessing risks for computer users through a combination of : group projects and exercises; learning supported by resource material and direct input from the tutor. To optimise benefits to learners, programme numbers will be restricted to 6 learners.


An open book examination will be completed by learners at the end of the programme.


Successful learners will be awarded an O H S S certificate DSE Risk Assessor

For further information on any aspect of this programme, please contact:
Mary Murphy 091-441637

Upcoming Course Dates:

DSE/VDU Risk Assessor (1-day programme) (on-line delivery via Zoom)

Next Course Date: Thursday 26th January 2023
Time: 9.00am - 5.00pm
Venue: Westside Resource Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Galway. H91 C1KX
Fee: €245
Contact: MARY MURPHY 091-441637 or info@ohssireland.com

DSE/VDU Assessor Refresher one-to-one training (half-day)

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Mary Murphy MMedScOccHealth BSc CMIOSH LFOH


"I would highly recommend this course, it only takes one day and you will leave it feeling confident to carry out assessor tasks required"
Ciaran McCabe ICS Medical Devices 9/11/22

"Excellent training"
Michal Chodola , Cambus Medical, 9/11/22

"I found this course offered substantial learning for students of all abilities. By the end of the course even beginner ergonomic assessors were competent and confident to put the theory into practice" O.C 9/11/22
O.C 9/11/22

"It is very professional services . Great way to learn new information"
A.M. 9/11/22

"Excellent course on Safety Reps. Good balance across broad range of subject matter. Sufficiently in depth., provides good understanding of safety rep role and how to get the most from it. "
Avicen Fahey HR Administrator, Fintrax Group Holdings Ltd

"The trainer, Mary Murphy demonstrated complete knowledge of the subject matter and answered all questions fully. Quite refreshing."
Eoghan Kenny, Quality Manager. KPW